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Purrfectly Clueless (The Mysteries of Max 12)

When Odelia is invited to spend the weekend as a guest of Emerald Rohne, arguably the greatest actress of her generation, she’s over the moon. There’s only one problem: Emerald is allergic to cats, so Odelia is forced to leave Max and the others at home, something they’re not too happy about. And then the fun-filled weekend getaway takes a turn for the morbid when one of Emerald’s celebrity guests ends up dead in an apparent suicide.

Gran doesn’t believe the woman killed herself, and decides to take matters into her own hands by inviting herself and the cats to Emerald’s Hamptons home to conduct her own investigation. Meanwhile Max has bigger fish to fry when he discovers a devastating secret from the past—one that makes him question Odelia’s fitness as a cat owner…

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