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Ghostlier Things

Ghosts of London 6

When one of Harry McCabre’s high school friends is murdered, she is quickly fingered as the prime suspect. When in short order a second person is murdered, she becomes a fugitive from justice and is forced to go on the run. Soon she and Jarrett decide to go in search of the real culprit, all the while being chased by the police, creating a very awkward situation for Darian Watley, Harry’s Scotland Yard boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Jarrett and Deshawn have their hands full with the Ukrainian baby boy they’ve adopted, who proves to be more of a challenge than they anticipated. And when Jarrett is suspected of aiding and abetting a fugitive, Deshawn is left to take care of their new charge all by himself while Harry and Jarrett flee the city. Luckily the intrepid Wraith Wranglers get help in the form of Harry’s family, ready to stand by her side in this, her darkest hour.

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