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The Ghost Who Came in from the Cold (Ghosts vs. Spies 1)

When fashion designer Aimée Vass heads down to Florida for a much-needed vacation with her momager Romella, she never expected her dead dad to tag along. The ghostly spy has vowed to make up for lost time by sticking to his wife and daughter like glue, which especially annoys his widow Romella.

It also annoys the FBI agent who’s taken up the role of their protector, and the CIA agent who has his own reasons for tracking the fashion designer.

And when suddenly monstrous ghosts start showing up and attacking Aimée and her mother, their dream holiday quickly turns into a nightmare.

The Ghost Who Came in from the Cold is the first installment in the new Ghosts vs. Spies series of humorous cozy mysteries. Expect ghostly spies, spying ghosts and plenty of spooks that go bump in the night!