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First Shot (Washington & Jefferson 1)

Nine years ago Anna Washington became world famous when she slapped Chris Jefferson across the face in the middle of her father’s inaugural address. He had it coming. After all, he’d been putting the moves on the vice-president’s daughter in full view of millions of viewers, and, more importantly, in front of Anna, whose kiss and innocence he’d stolen underneath the Resolute Desk four years before, when his father was inaugurated.

A lot has happened since then. Jack Washington became the first American president to be impeached, after giving the executive order to take out a terrorist cell, which turned out to be a hog farm. Wrecked by guilt, he bought what was left of the farm and became a pig farmer. Anna went from First Daughter to pig farmer’s daughter, a setback she blames entirely on Chris Jefferson, since it was his dad who had her dad impeached.

Nine years later, she’s working as a waitress in a coffee shop in Manhattan, dreaming of becoming a famous singer. So when she runs into Chris, she’s not exactly thrilled. The former First Son, now a bestselling writer of conspiracy thrillers, claims their dads have been kidnapped by some maniac. Soon her life is turned upside down once again, as their search for the two ex-presidents leads the unlikely duo of former First Kids on a cross-country rescue mission, hot on the trail of the man who took their fathers, a man whose evil plan just might bring the United States and its ex-presidents to its knees.

Will the former First Daughter and First Son find their fathers? Will Anna Washington be able to resist Chris Jefferson’s relentless charm? Find out in First Shot, the first book in the new humorous mystery series Washington & Jefferson.