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Witchy Hexations (Witchy Fingers 2)

Encouraged by their godfather, triplets Edelie, Estrella and Ernestine decide to show the world what they’re capable of. They’re witches, and proud of their witchy heritage. And even though their grandmother warns them not to go through with their crazy scheme, they decide to ignore her advice and go big or go home. Soon their public display of witchcraft lands them on the front page of every newspaper in the country as well as… in prison.

Accused of an act of terrorism, their stunt backfires spectacularly, and even Detective Sam Barkley of the NYPD can’t help them now.

Gran has conveniently disappeared, and so has their godfather, but when things look worse than ever before, the three most inept witches in the world buckle down and decide to fight back. They have to make things right, expunge their criminal record, and find the serial killer who’s targeting young women all over New York City. Are they up for the task? Or will they crack under the pressure? Find out in Witchy Hexations, the second book in the funny Witchy Fingers series of cozy witch mysteries.

The Witchy Fingers series is a humorous cozy mystery series with paranormal elements. The stories revolve around three witch sisters, Edelie, Ernestine and Estrella Flummox, and their grandmother Cassandra Beadsmore. In the first book (Witchy Trouble) the three sisters are introduced, having just lost their jobs and trying to come to terms with their witchy skills. It’s safe to say they’re not the most skilled witches in the world. Quite the contrary!

This series is complete at four books. In the sequel series Neighborhood Witch Committee, the misadventures of the three Flummox sisters continue.