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Witchy Trouble (Witchy Fingers 1)

Triplets Edelie, Estrella and Ernestine Flummox are three New York City working girls, living with their grandmother and aspiring to become, respectively, top chef, top singer and top lawyer. There’s something very peculiar about the Flummox sisters, however. They’re witches, and not just any witches but just about the worst witches in the world, their every spell an unmitigated disaster.

Which is why Granny has forbidden them to ever use magic outside of the house.

But then Granny suddenly disappears, and when she returns isn’t the same granny they know and love. Something very strange is going on, and it just might have something to do with the serial killer who’s terrorizing New York, or the fact that very soon now the three sisters are coming of witching age, or that on the same day they used magic at work and made a terrible mess, a sinister warlock shows up, warning them that their lives are in terrible danger.

Witchy Trouble is the first book in the humorous Witchy Fingers series about three sisters whose heritage suddenly sends their lives spiraling out of control. If you like cozy witch mysteries, you’ll love Edelie, Estrella and Ernestine and all of their witchy shenanigans!

The Witchy Fingers series is a humorous cozy mystery series with paranormal elements. The stories revolve around three witch sisters, Edelie, Ernestine and Estrella Flummox, and their grandmother Cassandra Beadsmore. In the first book (Witchy Trouble) the three sisters are introduced, having just lost their jobs and trying to come to terms with their witchy skills. It’s safe to say they’re not the most skilled witches in the world. Quite the contrary!

This series is complete at four books. In the sequel series Neighborhood Witch Committee, the misadventures of the three Flummox sisters continue.