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Murder Motel (The Kellys 1)

The Kellys, on their way back from Thanksgiving Break, are caught in the snowstorm to end all snowstorms. This is the big one, and they’re forced to stay the night at a roadside motel in the middle of nowhere. So when Ralph finds the body of a dead man buried under a foot of snow, they’re not that keen to get involved. Especially when the man turns out to be the famous Hot Gangster: the gang member who became a celebrity and a model because of his mugshot.

But with the motel on lockdown, and the police unable to get there because of the blizzard, it’s up to the Kellys to find out who murdered Hot Gangster, knowing full well that the killer is locked in there with them, watching their every move!

Murder Motel is the first book in the humorous mystery series The Kellys.

The Kellys are not a typical all-American family. Oh, on the surface they might look like your next-door neighbors: Tom Kelly, professor in economics, his wife Dee, art gallery owner, teenagers Maya and Scott, baby boy Jacob, and of course the family’s lovable Goldendoodle Ralph. All perfectly nice people. But for some reason the Kellys can’t stop bumping into dead bodies and getting mixed up in all manner of murder and mayhem, and is it their fault they’ve got a knack for solving crime? After all, the family that sleuths together, stays together, right?