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Vice and Verdict (Saffron Diffley 2)

When popular vlogger and geocacher Kandace Slaker is found dead, Saffron and Lucien Diffley, local karma agents, are on the case. Kandace turns out to have made quite a few enemies in Happy Bays, and the investigation soon gets bogged down by a lack of evidence and an abundance of alibis. Add to that the fact that Logan Munroe, detective in charge of the case, has decided to ban the Diffleys from the investigation, and Saffron has her work cut out for her.

Meanwhile, Rodrick Diffley is on a good deed quest—though unfortunately the people on the receiving end of the little rascal’s streak are less than thrilled with his enthusiasm. Even worse, Diffley Manor is falling apart and Saffron’s brothers, not blessed with the handyman gene, quickly cause more harm than good. And then there’s Lucien, who’s developed a crush on Detective Munroe, which only serves to make matters more complicated than they already are.

Will Saffron be able to restore the balance of karma in her small town? Will Rodrick’s relentless string of good deeds antagonize the entire community against the Diffleys? And will the romance between Saffron and Logan finally be rekindled? Find out in Vice & Verdict, the second installment in the Saffron Diffley series. Expect an intriguing mystery, a dash of the paranormal, a whiff of romance, and an abundance of laughs.

The Diffley family is a peculiar bunch. On the surface they run a regular insurance company in the small town of Happy Bays, but if you dig a little deeper, they’re all agents for Karma Corps, the agency that balances crime and punishment in our world. The first book in the series sees Saffron Diffley tackle her very first assignment, and what a doozie it is. And as if catching killers isn’t hard enough, she also has to contend with her infuriating and meddling brothers, her overprotective grandmother, the old family dog Jerome who keeps producing strange odors, and of course Detective Logan Munroe, on whom she may or may not have a crush, even though he likes to keep and her family at arm’s length.

Since this series takes place in Happy Bays, from time to time you’ll meet some familiar characters from the Bell & Whitehouse and Alice Whitehouse series. And since Happy Bays is only a stone’s throw away from Hampton Cove, you might even meet Odelia Poole and Max of The Mysteries of Max fame.