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Witchy Wishes (Neighborhood Witch Committee 3)

When a local baker is killed, the neighborhood watch is on the case. Especially when it turns out the victim is the uncle of Skip Brown, of Brown’s Better Bread Bakery fame, and one of Edelie, Estrella and Ernestine’s best friends. When the killer claims a second victim, and starts implicating the neighborhood watch, suspicion soon falls on the Flummox sisters.

Meanwhile, things aren’t looking too good at Safflower House. Snakes keep showing up all over the place, sapping Cassie Beadsmore’s strength and witchy powers, and it starts to look as if an unknown nemesis is out to get Cassie and her three granddaughters.

The fact that the three guests of their Airbnb prove particularly challenging further complicates matters. And when the bodies keep piling up, and the snake attacks threaten to overpower Cassie, things soon spiral out of control for the sisters, forcing them to dig deep and conjure up some of that old family witchcraft. The big question is: can they handle it?