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Witchy Worries (Neighborhood Witch Committee 2)

When a dead drug addict turns out to be a famous nineties action star, suspects soon abound: the neighbors whose parrot he allegedly killed, the action hero actor who was his rival, the hipster accountant he unleashed his road rage on, the local bar owner whose bar he trashed, and the AA chapter leader who filed a restraining order against him. Soon, Edelie, Estrella and Ernestine, the Flummox triplets who run the local neighborhood watch, are called in to figure out whodunit. With a little help from their witchy heritage, they are on the job.

Unfortunately, it’s a little hard to focus on this latest murder case, as two guests of their grandmother’s Airbnb prove particularly quarrelsome, Ernestine develops a crush on a third guest, and the owner of a competing flower shop unleashes a campaign to drive Floret & Bloom out of business. Will the triplets manage to harness their witchy powers in such a way that it doesn’t end in disaster? Will they succeed in catching the killer? And will they be able to save their flower shop? Find out in Witchy Worries, Edelie Flummox’s exciting new mystery.

The Neighborhood Witch Committee series is a sequel of the Witchy Fingers series, and focuses on the continuing witchy misadventures of Edelie, Estrella and Ernestine Flummox as they open a flower store and start a neighborhood watch. The stories are told from the viewpoint of Edelie.