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Murder Retreat (Nora Steel 1)

While Bobbi, Melody and Zita are holed up in a log cabin in Upswing, Georgia, hard at work on their next novel, a world-famous fantasy writer is killed three cabins over. Soon their curiosity is piqued as to who might have done such a horrible thing. And when the police start to suspect them of the terrible deed, it’s up to the intrepid trio to put their best plotting skills forward and figure out whodunit. But the killer is watching, and just might go for a twist ending…

Murder Retreat is the first book in the new Nora Steel series of humorous cozy mysteries.

Three writers. Three genres. Roberta ‘Bobbi’ Boulder writes thrillers. Melody Pen writes romance. Zita Guerra writes horror. Together they write romantic suspense as Nora Steel. And inadvertently they manage to get embroiled in all kinds of mayhem while they’re at it. Solving murders and catching killers was never their intention. It just happened!