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Mysteries of Max Short Stories (Stories 4-7)

Purrfectly Flealess

Having barely survived the Terrible Flea Infestation unscathed, Harriet decides that Patient Zero, the first cat to catch the embarrassing affliction, must be found and must be found ASAP! If there’s anything she dislikes it’s disgusting blood-sucking bugs detracting from her natural beauty and grace. So Max, Dooley and Brutus heed the call and go in search of this elusive First Fleabag. Before long, the dragnet yields results, and the cats start closing in on their prey.

Much to their surprise, it’s a cat they know all too well.

Purrfectly Flealess is a 15.000 word short story that ties in with Purrfect Peril (The Mysteries of Max 7). It picks up where that story left off so they’re best read in that order.

Purrfect Wedding

Weddings are usually tough on cats. Consider the evidence: a ton of people, all craning their necks trying to get a good look at the bride and groom, holding up their phones to snap that perfectly Instagrammable shot, and forgetting that there may be cats underfoot, about to get trampled and their tails turned into mush. Not a fun prospect!

So it was with a great sense of relief that we welcomed the news that Odelia and Chase had decided to cancel their wedding… and elope to Vegas for one of those shotgun weddings officiated by some Elvis impersonator instead. And since only a very small party was invited to fly out with the happy couple, we got the best seats in the house.

Now I know a lot of people were disappointed they couldn’t be there on the day, so I decided to dictate this small addition to my chronicles. Without further ado, please read on for my recollections of a day to remember—my treasured human’s wedding!

Note: Purrfect Wedding is a short story written in conjunction with Purrfect Sidekick (Max 31) and so is best read along with this particular book.

Purrfect Fuzz

Of Mice and Cats and Men

Sometimes when you go through life solving the odd mystery from time to time, you inadvertently establish a name for yourself. And even though I’m not a cat prone to fits of vanity and such, when a stranger asked for my assistance in a matter of life or death, it didn’t hurt when he called me ‘The Greatest Detective That Ever Lived.’ Whether this rare praise was justified or not, you can find out in Purrfect Fuzz.

Purrfect Love

Crazy little thing called love

When Dooley asked me about true love, I honestly admit I was at a complete loss. He wanted to know whether true love was in the cards for us. And since I had absolutely no clue, we decided to head out and ask the people who had found this rare commodity called love to tell us their secret. People like Odelia and Chase. Or Harriet and Brutus. Or Marge and Tex. Or even Uncle Alec and Charlene Butterwick. Only when we did, we discovered things weren’t as straightforward as we thought. Then again, are they ever?