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Purrfect Christmas Miracle

It is the night before Christmas, and not a creature in the house is stirring… except for Max and Dooley, wondering if Santa Claus is human or feline! To decide the point, Max convinces Dooley to go up on the roof and prove once and for all that Santa is a cat. Heavy snowfall soon thwarts the brave feline sleuths’ plans, and they’re forced to return indoors, where it’s warm and dry. Their efforts are soon rewarded, however, as they unexpectedly discover Santa’s true identity, and it’s definitely not what they thought!

This Mysteries of Max short story (4000 words) stands alone, and is told from the viewpoint of Max, featuring Dooley, Brutus, Harriet, Odelia’s family and Chase. It’s accompanied by two more short stories, Purrfect Christmas Mystery and Purrfect Santa (written from the viewpoint of Odelia). These three short stories are best read in this order: Purrfect Santa, Purrfect Christmas Mystery and Purrfect Christmas Miracle, for the purrfect Christmas experience!