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Purrfect Mess (The Mysteries of Max 50)

Meet the Boggles

It was supposed to be a quiet time, a time of happiness and familial bliss. Odelia was on maternity leave, and so a pleasant vacation was to be had by all. Unfortunately the fates decided differently. First a Prime Minister drifted in, expelled from England, where he’d run into a spot of bother, and soon our home was no longer that beacon of tranquility and quiet joy.

In his wake, more visitors popped over, turning the house into a glorified Airbnb and Odelia into a reluctant hostess. And then when Gran decided to start a wellness resort in her backyard, we finally decided enough was enough and were on the verge of migrating to more welcoming shores. But of course we didn’t. Instead, we stuck it out, deciding that our humans needed us now more than ever.