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Purrfect Double (The Mysteries of Max 46)

Friend or Fowl

I’m not an investor, since cats don’t hold stock or manage their own portfolios, but my understanding of a CEO is that they lead the company to ever higher pinnacles of success, which then reflects on the stock price. So when Cotton Karat, CEO of the luxury goods Karat Group started canoodling with his supermodel girlfriend on stage during the group’s annual shareholders’ meeting, it’s safe to say his frivolous behavior didn’t go down well with investors. Soon the man was found murdered in a rather gruesome way. Only it quickly transpired that not all was what it seemed.

And then of course there was my friend Dooley, looking for a way to ingratiate himself with Odelia before the baby arrived. As he saw it, I’m the brains of Odelia’s cat contingent, Harriet the beauty, and Brutus the brawn. So what is his USP? As it turns out, not a very appealing one. On top of that, Gran had recently converted to vegetarianism, and decided that the rest of the family should follow in her footsteps. Suffice it to say things quickly turned unpalatable.