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Purrfect Design (The Mysteries of Max 41)

Kicking up a fuss

When Jayme Ziccardi, a promising young artist, is accosted by the wife of comic book legend Dave James and accused of having an affair with the man, she is at first shocked, then anxious about losing her scholarship. So she enlists Odelia’s assistance in dealing with this matter. Only before too long Dave James is found murdered, and Jayme arrested for the crime. Now Odelia finds herself in a race against time to find out who wanted Dave dead.

Meanwhile Harriet comes up with the bright idea to create a comic featuring herself. Gran and Scarlett will be the designated artists, Brutus the love interest, and Dooley and I the funny sidekicks. The trouble is that Brutus takes the word ‘sidekick’ a little too literally and soon gets a taste for his new role, kicking us daily and twice on Sunday.