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Ghost of Girlband Past (Ghosts of London 5)

The biggest and most successful girlband of the nineties, the Piquant Pack, announce their comeback. But when a ghost from their past suddenly rears its ugly head, what was supposed to be a feast for fans and music lovers alike quickly turns into a nightmare. The ghost has but one purpose: to destroy the five women and bury them. With nowhere left to turn, the Piquant Pack call on the Wraith Wranglers to save their lives and careers. But when the ghost starts to target Harry, Jarrett and Deshawn, they quickly find themselves in way over their heads.

Meanwhile, Scotland Yard Inspector Darian Watley is forced to investigate an old murder that could land everyone in hot water and challenges the stalwart cop’s allegiances: will he arrest Harry and the Piquant Pack, or will he turn a blind eye to murder? And when the bond that connects Harry, Jarrett, Deshawn and Darian starts to fall apart under the nefarious influence of the Ghost of Girlband Past, things suddenly look very bleak indeed.

Will Harry and her friends save the day? Or will they go down with the Piquant Pack? And will Deshawn win The Great British Bake Off or will the stunt he pulled in front of the Queen cost him his freedom? Find out in Ghost of Girlband Past, Harry McCabre’s fifth mystery.

The Ghosts of London series is a humorous cozy mystery series with paranormal elements. Plenty of ghosts pop up and a mystery (usually) gets solved in each book. The heroine of these stories is Henrietta ‘Harry’ McCabre, a spunky former antiquarian’s assistant who now goes through life hunting ghosts, along with her best friend Jarrett Zephyr-Thornton (an eccentric billionaire’s son), Scotland Yard inspector Darian Watley, and aided and abetted by a cast of quirky characters.