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Public Ghost Number One (Ghosts of London 2)

When Harry McCabre is called upon to rid an apartment of its ghostly occupants, she never expected to be drawn into a murder case dating back thirty-five years. And neither did she expect to run into her ex-boyfriend Scotland Yard Inspector Darian Watley again. Soon, Harry, her associate Jarrett Zephyr-Thornton, and Darian find themselves wading knee-deep in ectoplasm and the infamous Brunskill Manor Massacre, where an entire family was murdered on Christmas Eve 1981, the killers never found.

When next she discovers a startling secret from Darian’s past, Harry quickly turns from ghost hunter into ghost hunted, as the killers add her to their list of potential victims, eager to finish what they started thirty-five years ago. And this time they won’t stop until their wicked work is done.

The Ghosts of London series is a humorous cozy mystery series with paranormal elements. Plenty of ghosts pop up and a mystery (usually) gets solved in each book. The heroine of these stories is Henrietta ‘Harry’ McCabre, a spunky former antiquarian’s assistant who now goes through life hunting ghosts, along with her best friend Jarrett Zephyr-Thornton (an eccentric billionaire’s son), Scotland Yard inspector Darian Watley, and aided and abetted by a cast of quirky characters.