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Final Ride (Charleneland 2)

Main Street, Charleneland. The street resembles an Old West shanty town. Sheriff Jack Wayne and Doc Killer are facing each other, hands poised over their six-shooters. Suddenly a shot rings out and Sheriff Wayne lies dead in the street. The audience cheers and snaps selfies. They know it’s all one big show. One they’ve paid good money to watch. But when the actor playing Sheriff Wayne doesn’t get up, excitement quickly turns to terror.

When Mia Rugg is called to the scene, it soon becomes clear this wasn’t an accident but cold-blooded murder. And when more ‘accidents’ start happening all across the amusement park her family has built, she realizes they’re under attack. Confronted with the biggest crisis they’ve ever faced, the Ruggs are forced to fight for their survival, against a ruthless enemy who won’t stop before he’s brought Charleneland and the Ruggs to their knees.

Mia Rugg and her family run an amusement park in Sapsucker, California called Charleneland, named after her famous grandmother Charlene, the well-known singer. They all share the same house, with things getting pretty hectic from time to time, as Mia’s two sisters Maya and Marisa don’t always see eye to eye, while Charlene, being the diva that she is, manages to get on everybody’s nerves pretty much all the time. And then of course there’s Sapsucker PD Detective Blane Jamison, with whom Mia, as Charleneland’s head of security, is forced to work together. It doesn’t take long for things to start heating up in Charleneland, and not just because of the fun rides…