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An Act of Hodd (The Mysteries of Bell & Whitehouse 9)

When Felicity Bell gets a surprise visit from a man dressed in a golden skin suit, threatening to destroy Happy Bays and all of its inhabitants if she doesn’t return the ring she stole, she can only assume it’s a prank her friends are playing on her. But then soon people start disappearing and strange happenings take place, and she discovers both the man of gold and his threats are very real indeed.

The Ring of Hodd has fallen into the wrong hands, and as Felicity and Alice dig deeper, they discover the shocking truth behind Bell’s Bakery’s inception, and the old rivalry between Fee’s grandfather Peter Bell, who founded the bakery in 1938, and Marcel Le Corbusier, Bell’s biggest competitor.

Now it’s up to Felicity and Alice and the other members of the Happy Bays Neighborhood Watch Committee to find the lost Ring of Hodd before it’s too late, and both Happy Bays and its sister realm of Allard are permanently destroyed and its citizens enslaved…

Will Felicity and Alice save Happy Bays and the Asgardian Realm from destruction?

Will police officer Virgil Scattering finally find love in the arms of an Asgardian royal?

Will Chazz Falcone secure his bid for the presidency and move into the White House?

Find out in An Act of Hodd, the ninth Bell & Whitehouse.