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The Stuffing of Nightmares (The Mysteries of Bell & Whitehouse 7)

Felicity and Alice have only just returned home from their first Wraith Wranglers mission when trouble once again looms large on the horizon. This time it’s Alice’s fiancé Reece Hudson who’s in mortal danger when he’s kidnapped by a gang of twisted taxidermists.

Meanwhile, Virgil Scattering, Happy Bays’s stalwart policeman, finds himself facing an unusual challenge when Chazz Falcone recruits him to play the part of French billionaire playboy and seduce Grover Calypso’s unfaithful wife.

And then there’s Brian Rutherford, the Wraith Wranglers’ commanding officer, whose twin brother stirs up trouble by threatening to expose Brian’s darkest secrets to the world.

Will Felicity and Alice save themselves and their fiancés from being turned into ghosts themselves?

Does Virgil have what it takes to seduce Grover’s wife and spare the billionaire a painful divorce?

Can Brian thwart his evil twin’s dastardly ploy to ruin his reputation and his career?

Find out in The Stuffing of Nightmares, the new Bell & Whitehouse.