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A Touch of Ghost (The Mysteries of Bell & Whitehouse 5)

When the guests and staff mysteriously disappear from the Happy Bays Inn, Felicity Bell and Alice Whitehouse immediately suspect foul play. Upon closer inspection, however, a more startling conclusion presents itself: the ghost of a murdered traveling cuckoo clock salesman has taken everyone at the inn hostage in his quest to solve his murder. And what’s more, he’s jumped into the skin of one of the committee members to do so. The question is: who isn’t who she appears to be?

Before Alice and Fee can get to the bottom of these terrible events, however, they are kidnapped by a pair of other ghosts, who have dark plans for the two friends. But as they languish in captivity, with no one to keep them company but two cows, Alice and Fee have some serious thinking to do about their respective relationships. Both Rick and Reece have been caught cheating, and the wedding plans have been called off.

Suddenly things look very bleak indeed for Bell & Whitehouse…