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One Spoonful of Trouble (The Mysteries of Bell & Whitehouse 1)

When Felicity Bell expresses the wish there were more to life than working in the family bakery, she didn’t know her wish would come true so soon. Suddenly the small town of Happy Bays is confronted with a crime wave the likes of which she’s never seen. The main culprit seems to be big shot reporter Rick Dawson, and soon the two are at daggers drawn.

Rick actually came down to Happy Bays to work on a tell-all article exposing villainous billionaire Chazz Falcone. Rick just lost his job because of the exposé, and he’s determined to nail the real estate tycoon to the wall. He soon discovers that trouble has followed him from New York City. Though she pretends to be a baker, he has a sneaking suspicion Felicity Bell is really working for Falcone, trying to get her hands on his article.

Before long, Felicity and Rick find themselves in a reluctant partnership fighting the crime wave that has hit Happy Bays, and the shady billionaire who seems to be behind all the trouble.

The Mysteries of Bell & Whitehouse humorous cozy mystery series features best friends and housemates Felicity Bell (a baker) and Alice Whitehouse (a mortician’s assistant) as they solve mysteries and have other adventures in their hometown of Happy Bays, Long Island, in New York, and sometimes in other places as well (A Clash of Spooks is set in England, for example). From time to time there are paranormal elements in the series (when Felicity and Alice solve a ghost mystery), and in each book there’s either a mystery, an adventure or a fantasy.