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Spooky Spells (Alice Whitehouse 4)

The bucolic Hamptons town of Happy Bays is rocked to its foundations when a cult and its charismatic guru pitches up its tents on a neighboring piece of land. Soon tensions rise and a confrontation between townies and cult followers seems inevitable. Amid the escalating tension, a young cult follower is found murdered and the finger-pointing begins.

Taking the lead in the case are Rock Walker, local cop, and Alice Whitehouse, who runs the neighborhood watch. Unfortunately Alice has other fish to fry, as both new boyfriend Rock and her old boyfriend Reece Hudson have decided to move in with her. The fact that Rock has recently died and is now a ghost further complicates matters.

Ever since his demise, Rock is trying to adapt to his new and peculiar circumstances as best he can. It’s not easy being the only ghost cop on the force, and when both his colleagues and the public start to complain, he finds himself out of a job. But it’s Reece, Alice’s hunky movie star ex, putting the moves on Alice that really sets the seal on his gloom.

Will Alice finally choose between Rock and Reece? Will Rock stay dead, or will Felicity’s aunt Cassie, who just so happens to be a witch, manage to fix him? Find out in Spooky Spells, a murder mystery quite unlike any other!