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Spooky End (Alice Whitehouse 3)

Alice Whitehouse, Felicity Bell and the other members of the neighborhood watch are called upon to investigate the death of bodybuilder Dieter Watt. In spite of Dieter’s ghost giving them all the assistance they need—or even want, the case is baffling, especially since Dieter had more enemies than friends at the fitness club he frequented, one of them Felicity’s cousin Busby. Good thing Rock Walker, Alice’s boyfriend cop, is also on the case, and making great progress.

Alice has a hard time focusing on solving the crime, though, as her old boyfriend Reece Hudson is back in town, and has launched a campaign to win her back. With both Rock and Reece vying for her affection, Alice soon feels torn between the handsome cop and the man she once loved. And when both men’s dads also show up, things are suddenly becoming very complicated for the gun store clerk slash funeral home assistant slash neighborhood watch commander.