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Spooky Trills (Alice Whitehouse 2)

When a duck farmer and Elvis impersonator is found murdered, his million-dollar belt buckle missing, all evidence points to his sons, eager to lay their hands on the inheritance. Not everything is as it seems, however, and soon Alice Whitehouse, Felicity Bell, and the other members of the neighborhood watch are up to their ears in suspects. It doesn’t help that everyone is hiding something, and even the ghost of the murdered man is less than honest.

As if this is not enough to keep them busy, the watch members are being stalked by a mysterious individual, who has vowed to ‘make the neighborhood watch pay!’ And then there’s Alice’s budding romance with handsome cop Rock Walker, who may or may not have discovered her great secret.

Will Rock finally find out who Alice really is? Will the watch members root out their stalker and find the crooning duck farmer’s killer? And will Alice’s dad’s chickens finally lay eggs? Find out in this riveting and hilarious new mystery, the second book in the Alice Whitehouse cozy mystery series.