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Spooky Times (Alice Whitehouse 1)

When Gemma Weston is found murdered, the crime baffles the police. It also baffles Alice’s neighborhood watch committee, but that has never stopped the spunky ladies of the committee before. They dive headfirst into the murder investigation, very much to the exasperation of Alice’s dad, Chief of Police Whitehouse, and the newest member of the Happy Bays Police Department, Detective Rock Walker. Spurred on by an increasingly annoying Gemma, whose ghost isn’t the nicest one Alice has ever encountered, she puts her sleuthing powers to the test to catch a killer before he or she can strike again.

Spooky Times is the first installment in this new humorous cozy ghost mystery series featuring Alice Whitehouse. You may have met Alice before, in The Mysteries of Bell & Whitehouse. This spinoff stands alone, and doesn’t require any knowledge of the original series, which is complete at nine books.