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Ghosts of London Box Set 1 (Books 1-3)

This box set contains the first three books in the humorous Ghosts of London series about London-based ghost hunter Henrietta ‘Harry’ McCabre, her goofy associate billionaire Jarrett Zephyr-Thornton and Scotland Yard inspector Darian Watley as they try to clear London from its ghostly occupants. If you like humorous ghost mysteries, you’ll love Harry, Jarrett, Darian and their spooky tribulations!

This box set contains Between a Ghost and a Spooky Place, Public Ghost Number One and Ghost Save the Queen.

The Ghosts of London series is a humorous cozy mystery series with paranormal elements. Plenty of ghosts pop up and a mystery (usually) gets solved in each book. The heroine of these stories is Henrietta ‘Harry’ McCabre, a spunky former antiquarian’s assistant who now goes through life hunting ghosts, along with her best friend Jarrett Zephyr-Thornton (an eccentric billionaire’s son), Scotland Yard inspector Darian Watley, and aided and abetted by a cast of quirky characters.