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Felonies and Penalties

When a client files a death claim for her recently deceased cat Delicia du Soleil, Calvin Diffley couldn’t have suspected how much trouble the simple claim would cause. The substantial sum claimed ($25,000) calls for an investigation, which soon turns up certain irregularities. Like the fact that Delicia’s pedigree seems suspicious, to say the least. Soon, Calvin and his sister Saffron are hunting down the owner of the cat’s birth mother, a world-famous reality star, almost getting arrested in the process. And when Calvin’s investigation leads him to a woman called Odelia Poole and a cat named Max, things take a turn for the extraordinary. Before long, this self-proclaimed cat hater finds himself surrounded by cats whichever way he turns.

In this funny and mysterious short story, we get to know Calvin Diffley a little better. And Odelia Poole and her remarkable blorange tabby Max (from The Mysteries of Max) make a surprise appearance. This short story stands alone, but takes place right after the events in Crime and Retribution (Saffron Diffley 1).