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The Russian’s Tenacious Lover

Russians Tenacious Lover ThumbWhen Scotland Yard officer Glynis Fox finally manages to capture notorious jewel thief The Shadow, she has her reasons for locking him up in her ancestral home instead of a regular prison. The Shadow stole her ailing mother’s pearls, and Glynis has sworn an oath to get them back. At any cost.

Forcing the gentleman burglar to retrieve the gems, however, proves more dangerous than she thought… for The Shadow seems determined to lay claim to a property even more valuable than the family jewels: the policewoman’s heart.

Thomas Spencer is not having a good day. First his latest score, a seven million pound diamond, is taken from him. Then he’s abducted and held at gunpoint by a crazy policewoman. Now he needs to use all his skills to escape her clutches unscathed. Soon, however, he finds himself falling for the attractive cop, and even question his own vocation as premier supplier of priceless gems to London’s wealthiest Russian oligarchs.

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Billionaire Novelist’s Fiery Debutante

billionaire novelist thumbWhen debut novelist Chloe Thomson wins an exclusive writing retreat on an island paradise, she never expected to run into Joshua Poole, billionaire novelist, gorgeous hunk and one very cranky human being.

Josh’s career is in trouble. He’s been suffering from a serious case of writer’s block, and his annual trip to Eden Island is his last chance. When suddenly Chloe drops in on him out of the blue, he’s more than a little pissed.

Apparently there’s been a double booking, and for one long week Chloe and Josh have to find a way to coexist. Sharing the same space. Dipping into the same pool. Sleeping in the same bed…

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Blast from the Past

blast thumbTen years ago Amy Remington’s life was thrown out of whack when her father died in an accident caused by her boyfriend Brad. She hasn’t seen Brad since, and when she now runs into him again, tragedy strikes a second time when she’s hit by a car and loses all memory of the past decade.

Brad Fuller never expected to run into Amy again, not after all these years. But when he does, he can’t deny the stirrings of his heart: he still has feelings for her. But when through his fault she loses her memory, he’s forced to relive the most tragic day of his life once again. Will he be able to make things right this time?

Length: 20,002 words or 92 book pages. This novella stands alone (HEA).

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The Pastor’s Jezebel Lover

pastor thumbEileen Stoker hasn’t led an enchanted life. Scorned by her ex-husband, condemned by the community and disgraced by her colleagues, she’s been the victim of male lust, vicious gossip and jealous rumors ever since growing into womanhood. Disgusted with it all, she just wants to be left alone, and decides to have nothing more to do with the town and its people, in particular men. So when she joins the church choir, the last thing she expects is to fall for its choirmaster, new priest in town Ramon Cole.

The moment Father Ramon lays eyes on Eileen, he’s enchanted by her beauty and her grace, and even though he has been warned by his concerned flock not to get involved with this Jezebel and modern-day Mary Magdalene, he can’t help but feel a strong urge to protect the young woman from the perils that face her. When she is accused of murder, therefore, he’s the only one to offer his helping hand… and heart.

Length: 35,615 words or 159 book pages. This novel stands alone (HEA).

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Navy Seal’s Virgin Lover

navy seal thumb Newly graduated Erin Walters decides to have one last summer of fun before embarking on a career as an architect. Her friend convinces her that the beaches of Goa, India, are the perfect place to let their hair down and soak up some rays. But secretly Erin harbors a deeper wish, one in which she finally finds the man of her dreams—her soulmate.

Ex-soldier Raminar Bradley isn’t in Goa to have fun. He has one last mission to complete before permanently signing off, and his last hurrah doesn’t leave room for dreamers like Erin. Bumping into her at the airport, therefore, he’s more than a little surprised when he finds himself irresistibly drawn to the young woman. Soon some of that starry-eyed innocence of hers starts rubbing off on him, like balm to his wounded soul.

Before long, the two plunge into a passionate affair that leaves them both reeling, their lives permanently changed. But can the events that Raminar has set in motion still be turned back, or is it too late?

Length: 37,049 words or 166 book pages. This novel stands alone (HEA).


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The Billionaire’s Valiant Rescue

valiant rescue thumbKidnapped and left for dead, Melanie Harper never thought she’d see a friendly face again, until billionaire playboy Jack Carter showed up out of nowhere and saved her from a watery grave. As she desperately tries to uncover the secret of her past, she falls hard for her knight in shining armor.

Intrigued by the young woman who has no recollection of either her past or identity, Jack finds himself irresistibly drawn to her, and soon takes on a lot more responsibility than he ever bargained for. But will it be enough to keep her safe?

Length: 44,705 words or 215 book pages. This novel stands alone and ends happily ever after.


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