Dark(ish) Romance

The Thorntons series is dark(ish) romance, which means the stories can be quite violent at times, and feature mature situations that may upset some readers. There are also graphic depictions of sexual activity and graphic language. They’re intended for mature readers aged 18 and over only. That said, there’s plenty of action, adventure, suspense, romance and humor and quite a decent amount of steam!

William (The Thorntons 4)

William SmallHer first day on the job at Thornton’s Fifth Avenue, Kelley, newly hired security guard, accidentally gets into a tiff with a sales clerk, and almost shoots the man. When her bullet destroys a jewelry display case, she finds herself on the hook for 3.5 million dollars in damages. To make matters worse, the sales clerk turns out to be Will Thornton, son of owner and billionaire Jack Thornton. When Will offers her a job so she can repay her debt, she doesn’t have much of a choice. Soon, Will’s demands take on a… personal note.

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Jackson (The Thorntons 3)

Jackson SmallWelcome to the world of the Thorntons, where two of America’s richest families, the Thorntons and the Montesquieus, duke it out, and where love blossoms in the unlikeliest of places…

When Chloe Thornton goes on a cruise to Alaska to get away from the scandal that has taken over her life, she never expected to find a friend on board. But when Jackson, chief of police of a small Alaskan town and fellow passenger, makes her an outrageous offer, she accepts it in a heartbeat as the escape route she’s been looking for.

When police chief Jackson Rappaport first lays eyes on Chloe, he’s a goner. She beautiful, intelligent, funny and… on the verge of plunging herself into the Gulf of Alaska. After saving her from a watery death, he suggests she come down to Heartford and move in with him. Being away from New York while the scandal she’s embroiled in plays out will do her a world of good, though he secretly hopes she’ll learn to see in him more than a mere friend.

Romance quickly ensues, but then the problems Chloe ran away from follow her to Heartford when Ty de Montesquieu suddenly shows up on her doorstep. Ty’s always been obsessed with Chloe, and now that she’s vulnerable, he decides the time is ripe to swoop in and make her his. Soon Chloe finds herself torn between the two men, unable to choose. Will she succumb to her carnal attraction to the vile brute that Ty is or choose safety and comfort in the arms of her gentle giant Jackson?

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Roland (The Thorntons 2)

Roland SmallWelcome to the world of the Thorntons, where two of America’s richest families, the Thorntons and the Montesquieus, duke it out, and where love blossoms in the unlikeliest of places…

Forest ecologist Alixia Sumner has been doing important research in the jungle of Colombia for the past twelve months, her life taking a turn for the dramatic when her father disappeared. All this time she’s lived with the loss and the perpetual threat of Contador Bashar, local drug kingpin, encroaching on her territory. When suddenly Franklin Costner, self-declared ornithologist, shows up on her doorstep, she isn’t too happy. Especially when he demands her help. Alixia isn’t used to being bossed around, so she shoves the business end of her rifle in his face and tells him to take a hike.

Roland Thornton is on an undercover mission in Colombia, tracking the illegal activities of his family’s arch nemesis Harlan de Montesquieu when he stumbles upon Alicia. The feisty environmentalist is one hot little number, and the attraction is both instant and highly inconvenient. Roland, the family’s security expert, has other things on his mind than romance, such as survival, for Bashar’s men are hot on his trail.

Soon both Alicia and Roland are forced to go on the run together, and before long things get very hot indeed, not just with danger lurking wherever they turn, but from the scorching heat crackling between the two former foes. Now working side by side to save Alicia’s father, the billionaire enforcer and the quirky scientist will have to decide if they’re a match made in heaven, or poles apart.

This story takes us from the Colombian jungle to the ritzy residences of The Hamptons and the desert of Nevada for an explosive climax.

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Scott (The Thorntons 1)

Scott SmallWhen Anna Moonstone has an unexpectedly brutal tryst with her boss and his chauffeur, her boyfriend Brad abruptly dumps her. Humiliated and sickened with herself, she quits her job and accepts an offer for an internship at the Thornton Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York. She’s immediately made to feel welcome by her handsome and charming colleague Scott Harris. They become fast friends, and in spite of the fact that Scott is gay, Anna starts entertaining feelings for him and tries to seduce him. When their get-together turns disastrous, Anna throws herself into the New York club scene.

At The Capital, the latest Manhattan hotspot, she hooks up with club owner and notorious ladies’ man Ty de Montesquieu. In spite of herself, Anna succumbs to her kinky desires and allows him to take her hard and mercilessly in his ‘sex dungeon’. Little does she know that her every move is being observed by Scott, who is not who he says he is. Scott, horrified by Anna’s behavior, still finds himself falling for her. Soon, Anna confides in him her real reason for coming to New York.

She’s trying to find her father.

When she reveals the only clues she has to go on, she’s shocked when Scott abruptly runs out on her, once again making her feel rejected and cast aside. Lost and desperate, she returns to Ty’s club. This time, Ty and his men have a nasty surprise in store for her. A surprise she might not survive… Barely alive, she’s taken aboard a yacht headed for an unknown destination. Here, she will finally discover who Scott really is… and who her father is.

Can Anna accept the love of a good man? Or will her self-destructiveness destroy this final chance at true love?

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