Cozy Mystery

The Whiskered Spy

The Whiskered Spy is a humorous cozy mystery, completely told from the perspective of tomcat Tom, as he tries to solve a murder in his hometown of Brookridge.

When Tommy the cat witnesses a murder taking place right beneath his favorite elm tree, at first he’s not too worried. After all, humans will do these things, and as long as his own human keeps the kibble and the milk coming, life goes on. But when the murdered woman’s ghost comes haunting him and accuses him of gross negligence by not interfering when he had the chance, things definitely take a turn for the mysterious.

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When in Bruges

When in Bruges is a cozy romantic mystery set against the backdrop of Bruges, Venice of the North and one of Europe’s most romantic cities.

When Kate Harper enjoyed a whirlwind affair with Chris Van Damme in New York, and was subsequently dumped by him, she never expected to see the guy again. Months later, Kate flies to Bruges, a medieval fairytale town in Belgium, to ask her dad, mayor of Bruges, to attend her wedding. Checking into the Bouquets & Nosegays inn, she isn’t too well pleased when she runs into Chris again.

When Chris Van Damme’s dad, candidate in the upcoming mayoral elections, asks him to look into a case of blackmail he’s involved in, Chris never expected to run into Kate Harper, the girl who stole and broke his heart in New York only a couple of months ago.

Things take a turn for the unexpected when Kate is hired by her dad to investigate the same blackmail affair. Turns out both Chris and Kate’s dads are being targeted by the same blackmailer. Now Kate and Chris are forced to work together to catch the guy before he can execute his plans, which might even extend to murder…

Before long, both Kate and Chris are sorely tempted to take their working relationship to a more personal level once again. And when Kate’s fiancé unexpectedly shows up, things become pretty complicated for the two former lovers…

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Once Upon a Spy

Once Upon a Spy Small

Once Upon a Spy is a humorous cozy mystery with a whiff of romance, a sprinkling of mayhem and heaps of fun.

When Yvonne Assenheimer and Izzy Superczyński, sanitation workers for the DSNY (New York City’s Department of Sanitation), accidentally disrupt a surveillance operation, they end up being mistaken for two super spies and promptly offered to join the highly secretive agency behind the operation.

Before long, Yvonne and Izzy find themselves facing double agents, triple agents and one very lethal, highly classified drones program. But when the missiles start to rain down around them, they buckle down and show America’s enemies that nobody messes with two highly motivated garbagewomen.

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