Writing Life

On fridges, the writing life, Tumblr and other stuff

We bought a new fridge last week. Long overdue, in fact, for our old one was way too small. We eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, and all winter they were outside on the terrace, in nature’s big open-air fridge. Now that March proved one of the warmest ones in recent recorded history here in Belgium, our grapefruit and oranges were getting rotten out there. So we finally bought a huge fridge and now everything is fresh and tasty once more.

Last Friday was my last day at the day job. Not that I’m making all that much from my writing yet, but I’ve decided to take a year off from work to try and get some traction on this writing thing. If, one year from now, I still don’t make a dime, I’ll find myself another day job. I just hope it never has to come to that!

Staying home to write seems to have given me a big boost: today I managed to write 5000 words on my next work in progress A Billionaire Decides (part 3 in A Billionaire Invites serial). At this rate, the story will be finished by tomorrow and available at all the regular retailers by the day after. Yay!

On another note, I’m trying to get a hang of Tumblr. All people seem to do is post pictures there. And since I’m an erotica writer, I’m probably supposed to post smutty pictures, right? I guess I’ll just do that, then :).