Russian Oligarchs of London

Russian Oligarch’s Tenacious Lover

Russian Oligarchs 1.3 SmallWhen Scotland Yard officer Glynis Fox finally manages to capture notorious jewel thief The Shadow, she has her reasons for locking him up in her ancestral home instead of a regular prison. The Shadow stole her ailing mother’s pearls, and Glynis has sworn an oath to get them back. At any cost.

Forcing the gentleman burglar to retrieve the gems, however, proves more dangerous than she thought… for The Shadow seems determined to lay claim to a property even more valuable than the family jewels: the policewoman’s heart.

Thomas Spencer is not having a good day. First his latest score, a seven million pound diamond, is taken from him. Then he’s abducted and held at gunpoint by a crazy policewoman. Now he needs to use all his skills to escape her clutches unscathed. Soon, however, he finds himself falling for the attractive cop, and even question his own vocation as premier supplier of priceless gems to London’s wealthiest Russian oligarchs.

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