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Russian Enforcers Box Set

Russian Enforcer Box Set Original SmallThe first three books in the bestselling Russian Enforcers series now in one bundle for a special price


When Joanna saves the life of the daughter of a well-known Russian mobster, she incurs the gratitude of the man’s main enforcer Vitaly Loganov.

That night, when Vitaly goes on a routine debt collection mission, he’s surprised to find that his target is Joanna. Knowing she’s on his employer’s hit list, the only way he can keep her safe is for her to become his bride.

Before long, Joanna finds herself sleeping in Vitaly’s bed, wondering when she’ll be able to escape the man’s ‘protection’… and the unwelcome flutterings of attraction stirring in her own bosom.


When Ariel wakes up with a hangover after a night on the town, she’s surprised to find herself in the bed of a very large, very bad-tempered Russian. And when he gruffly informs her that she is now his wife and should act accordingly, she’s even more surprised. The plot thickens when she happens to look out the window and sees the spires of the Kremlin loom up in the distance…

Dimitri Loginovsky is accustomed to dealing with thieves, murderers and crooks. As an enforcer to Moscow’s major crime family, he’s seen it all. Until he meets Ariel Cole. The family has big plans for her, and it’s crucial he ‘tame’ her and make her do his bidding. Easier said than done. Especially when he finds himself falling for the willowy blonde American.


When Broadway actress Dora Liverpool is hired to play the wife of a well-known Russian oligarch, she knows she’s making a mistake. Especially since the oligarch is in actual fact Roman Loginovsky, one of Moscow’s most feared enforcers. But the money is good, and Roman doesn’t take no for an answer.

Spending time with the Mafia soldier, Dora soon discovers there’s more to the mobster than meets the eye, and before long finds herself irresistibly drawn to the dark, enigmatic man.

Roman never intended for this mission to be anything more than just another job. When he hired Dora, he thought she would be a willing pawn in his scheme. But the American actress turns out to be a lot more enticing than he anticipated, and when she shows him around New York City, his fascination deepens, both with the Big Apple, and the feisty young actress.

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