Billionaire Knights

The Billionaire’s Ruthless Intrusion

Billionaire Knights 1

Three Billionaire Brothers

Three Nights with Consequences

Kirsty Walker has had a mad crush on Geoffrey Holland for as long as she can remember. Now, at her parents’ annual masked garden party, she’s invited him up to her room so she can offer him her first kiss. Only when she makes good on her promise she discovers that the man behind the mask isn’t Geoffrey at all, but her cousin Stuart! The man who’s despised her all his life…

Stuart Knight, billionaire owner of Knight Enterprises and veteran of two tours of duty, is not a man to be trifled with. When it comes to protecting his family and its reputation, he’s absolutely ruthless. So when he learns that his cousin Kirsty has decided to offer herself to well-renowned playboy Geoffrey Holland he decides to take matters into his own hands. What he didn’t bargain for was Kirsty’s kiss. Or that it would leave him wanting more. A lot more.

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The Billionaire’s Disgraced Lover

Billionaire Knights 2

The Billionaire's Disgraced Lover MediumChloe Ross walked away from her old life five years ago, changing her name and her appearance after the terrible tragedy that struck her. Now she finds herself revisiting the scandals of her past when her billionaire boss adds her to his negotiation team. And he’s not taking no for an answer!


When Mike Knight offers junior accountant Chloe Ross a position on his team, he didn’t expect her to prove quite so reluctant. Now he has to figure out if she’s a corporate spy working for the competition or if she’s harboring a secret that just might blow this whole deal out of the water.


When Chloe finds herself falling for the handsome billionaire, she will have to make a choice: reveal her true identity and risk losing him forever, or betray the man whose fiery kisses and passionate embrace are finally making her feel like a woman again…

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The Billionaire’s Beautiful Intruder

Billionaire Knights 3

The Billionaire's Beautiful Intruder MediumWhen nurse Molly Grayson reluctantly agrees to take care of a private patient on some remote island off the coast of Scotland, she’s fully prepared to expect the worst: no doubt he’s an arrogant, entitled, self-absorbed and pampered billionaire of the worst kind. She never expected to fall for him within hours of her arrival on the uninhabitable island, especially since she has her own reasons not to get involved with him.

Steve Knight has been nursing his wounds in solitude, alone on his island. To be joined by the nurse his brothers have foisted upon him is the last thing he wants or needs. But that’s before he discovers they share a similar past and similar wounds. Now it’s all he can do to keep the beautiful intruder in his life, by any means necessary…

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