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Crime and Retribution (Saffron Diffley 1)

It’s an important day for Saffron Diffley. First day at the office. First day collaborating with her brothers in the family firm of Diffley Insurance. And first day as an agent for Karma Corps, the mysterious agency tasked with balancing crime and punishment in our world. A transgender woman has been murdered in Happy Bays, and it’s up to Saffron and her brothers to find out who’s behind the murder, and serve the culprit the proper retribution.

Unfortunately, new cop in town Logan Munroe is also adamant to apprehend the killer, and doesn’t like a young and inexperienced insurance claims adjuster inserting herself into his investigation. Soon he’s not just arresting criminals, but looking to place the handcuffs on Saffron’s slender wrists as well—at least when they’re not verbally sparring while out collecting clues and interviewing a colorful cast of suspects.

And then there’s Saffron’s little brother Rodrick trying to prove their neighbor is a witch, Dalton throwing his weight around, Calvin being his usual obnoxious self, Lucien wanting to become a woman, Brice dreaming of becoming a Hollywood star, and Jerome, the family’s aged French Mastiff, spreading a particularly noxious odor wherever he goes. In other words, chaos as usual at Diffley Manor, with Grandma trying to stay on top of things.

Will Saffron serve justice in spite of Detective Logan Munroe’s objections? Will Logan survive the scrutiny of the Diffley brood? And will Saffron be able to resist a sudden and powerful attraction to the burly cop? Find out in Crime and Retribution, the first installment in the new humorous paranormal cozy mystery series Saffron Diffley. Expect a riveting mystery, a hint of the paranormal, a touch of romance, and a lot of laughs.

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