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Witchy Start (Neighborhood Witch Committee 1)

Edelie Flummox runs a flower shop in the Haymill neighborhood in Brooklyn along with her two sisters. Not that she’s particularly interested in flowers, or running a store. Edelie is, after all, a witch, and feels she should probably be doing witchy stuff instead of playing store. Unfortunately, the Flummox triplets are not exactly the world’s most competent witches, and their grandmother has decided to strip them of their witchy powers to save an unsuspecting world the aggravation.

When one of Edelie’s neighbors is murdered, and handsome local cop Sam Barkley proves clueless, she decides to look into the murder herself, and try to catch the killer. Soon she’s in way over her head, hounding suspects and ferreting out clues. And when the houseguests of her grandmother’s new bed & breakfast prove unusually annoying, it looks like Edelie and her sisters don’t even need witchcraft to make life very complicated for a lot of people.

Witchy Start is the first book in the humorous Neighborhood Witch Committee cozy mystery series. It follows the Witchy Fingers series, which introduced the Flummox triplets, and is complete at four books. You don’t need to have read Witchy Fingers to enjoy this new series, however, as it stands alone.

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