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A Tale of Two Harrys (Ghosts of London 4)

When the set of the latest Harry Potter movie is being haunted by a poltergeist, Harry McCabre and her ghost hunting associate Jarrett Zephyr-Thornton are called in to deal with the pesky ghostly pest. Little do they know this is only the beginning of a murder spree by a group of self-proclaimed dark wizards, who’ve sworn to bring back dark magic and destroy all mortals in the process.

Meanwhile, Darian Watley is facing his own demons, when he’s partnered with the son of the new Scotland Yard Commissioner, a man determined to bring down the Wraith Wranglers, forcing Darian to sever all ties with Harry. With fresh ghosts popping up left and right, Harry’s relationship hanging in the balance, and Jarrett being lured over to the dark side, A Tale of Two Harrys is Harry McCabre’s most challenging mystery yet.

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