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Witchy Riches (Witchy Fingers 4) 2

When Estrella is idly strolling along the beach, she’s accosted by the ghost of a former British Royal Navy captain, who insists that a treasure is buried off the coast of Long Island, in a shipwrecked frigate called the Albion. And since a client is a client, after all, she decides to take the captain on, and make lifting the priceless treasure from the bottom of the Atlantic the next mission for Flummox, Inc, the company she’s now running with her two sisters.

Since they need divers to accomplish this task, they rope in Sam Barkley and Pierre Farrier, NYPD detectives, Spear Boodle, the well-known lawyer, and Johnny Carew and Jerry Vale, the well-known reformed crooks. Along with Skip Brown, former baker, this merry band of treasure hunters soon sets out to retrieve the immeasurable treasure of the Albion, but not everything is what it seems, and the endeavor might be fraught with a lot more danger than they anticipated. And when the body of one of one of the Flummox sisters’ neighbors is found hatcheted to death, things suddenly take a turn for the deadly…

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