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Witchy Possessions

Witchy Fingers 3

The Flummox witches have finally landed their first client, a young mother who’s possessed by a ghoul. As Edelie, Estrella and Ernestine try to free Valerie Gabby of her unwanted guest, however, they quickly discover there’s a lot more at stake here than a mere possession. Someone wants Valerie dead, and will stop at nothing to accomplish that goal. And when their second client, world-famous rock star Petunia Hudson, turns to them to organize her own death, it soon becomes clear they’ve accepted an assignment that just might be a little trickier than they first imagined.

Gran refuses to help them, as she has vowed to let her granddaughters clean up their own mess from now on, and not to interfere in any way. Skip, ex-baker and jack-of-all-trades, can’t help them either, nor can Sam Barkley, NYPD Detective, who comes sniffing around Safflower House, wondering why suddenly so many dead bodies start showing up around the three sisters.

Will they have what it takes to vanquish no less than two nasty ghouls and give their very first client her life back? And what is the connection between Valerie and Petunia, the enigmatic rock star? Find out in Witchy Possessions, the third book in the funny Witchy Fingers series of cozy witch mysteries.

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