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A Billionaire Does It The Hard Way 1

Thorntons 4 SiteHer first day on the job at Thornton’s Fifth Avenue, Kelley, newly hired security guard, accidentally gets into a tiff with a sales clerk, and almost shoots the man. When her bullet destroys a jewelry display case, she finds herself on the hook for 3.5 million dollars in damages. To make matters worse, the sales clerk turns out to be Will Thornton, son of owner and billionaire Jack Thornton. When Will offers her a job so she can repay her debt, she doesn’t have much of a choice. Soon, Will’s demands take on a… personal note.

This story continues the saga that started with A BILLIONAIRE TAKES A HARD LINE (The Thorntons 1) and continued in A BILLIONAIRE COMES DOWN HARD (The Thorntons 2) and A BILLIONAIRE MAKES A HARD CALL (The Thorntons 3) but can also be read as a standalone, focusing on the story of Will and Kelley.

Length: 35,829 words or 161 book pages. This novel stands alone and ends happily ever after.

Spice Level: pretty spicy. 18+ only.

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