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A Billionaire Makes a Hard Call

Thorntons 3 1200Welcome to the world of the Thorntons, where two of America’s richest families, the Thorntons and the Montesquieus, duke it out, and where love blossoms in the unlikeliest of places…

When Chloe Thornton goes on a cruise to Alaska to get away from the scandal that has taken over her life, she never expected to find a friend on board. But when Jackson, chief of police of a small Alaskan town and fellow passenger, makes her an outrageous offer, she accepts it in a heartbeat as the escape route she’s been looking for.

When police chief Jackson Rappaport first lays eyes on Chloe, he’s a goner. She beautiful, intelligent, funny and… on the verge of plunging herself into the Gulf of Alaska. After saving her from a watery death, he suggests she come down to Heartford and move in with him. Being away from New York while the scandal she’s embroiled in plays out will do her a world of good, though he secretly hopes she’ll learn to see in him more than a mere friend.

Romance quickly ensues, but then the problems Chloe ran away from follow her to Heartford when Ty de Montesquieu suddenly shows up on her doorstep. Ty’s always been obsessed with Chloe, and now that she’s vulnerable, he decides the time is ripe to swoop in and make her his. Soon Chloe finds herself torn between the two men, unable to choose. Will she succumb to her carnal attraction to the vile brute that Ty is or choose safety and comfort in the arms of her gentle giant Jackson?

This story continues the saga that started with A BILLIONAIRE TAKES A HARD LINE (The Thorntons 1) and continued in A BILLIONAIRE COMES DOWN HARD (The Thorntons 2) but can also be read as a standalone, focusing on the story of Chloe and Jackson (and Ty).

Length: 34,836 words or 155 book pages. This novel stands alone and ends happily ever after.

Spice Level: pretty spicy. 18+ only.

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